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Colleen Kennedy, RN

Westminster Village, Terre Haute, IN

“I have always had a difficult time communicating any issues that need to be addressed with any member of management.  Lee Ann always made me feel comfortable enough to leave notes of things that need to be dealt with and I would always return the following day to find those things had all been addressed.  Working under her advisory has been one of the most positive experiences/relationships I have had with any DON or member of management throughout my whole nursing career.  I have genuinely felt respected and appreciated throughout the duration of our professional relationship."

Jon Newell, Maintenance Westminster Village Terre Haute, IN

"Lee Ann is a very professional, compassionate, strong leader.  She is an excellent communicator with very strong clinical knowledge.  I have learned so much from her and we are much better as a team because of her."

Annie Brown, RN, ADON Westminster Village Terre Haute, IN

"Thank you so much!  I have truly learned a lot from you and for that I am grateful."

Colleen Matthews, Executive Director

Westminster Village Terre Haute, IN

"When our community had an opportunity for an interim Director of Nursing role, we did not hesitate to reach out to Lee Ann.  She has been able to implement/fine-tune policies and procedures, provide education and training to the clinical team and assist with the annual plan of correction.  When you have Lee Ann on your team, you know you have someone you can trust, count on and give it to you straight.  I would never hesitate to collaborate with her in the future."

Chad Willett, CNA

Westminster Village Terre Haute, IN

" I benefited from her leadership, expertise and tireless attention to detail.  I observed improvements in resident care that occurred under her leadership. Lee Ann was able to tactfully hold her direct reports accountable to a high standard of care with incredible interpersonal skill, motivating them to perform at their best." 

Lacey Schnurpel, Administrator

Chase Center, Logansport, IN

"I was excited to have Lee Ann back as our Interim DON.  She was able to identify areas where improvement were needed, keep us up-to-date with the ever-changing regulatory requirements and continue to balance staffing challenges and motivate our team to boost morale and embrace yet one more challenge and push forward.  Lee Ann is incredibly knowledgeable in the long term care arena.  She is the person I want working by my side as the Director of Nursing."

Shannon Williams, Administrator

 Westminster Village Terre Haute, IN

"She was instrumental in navigating the nursing team through our survey process.  We had great survey results and I atribute that to Ms. Lewis' engagement and guidance.  She took an opportunity during our plan of correction to educate our nursing team and instill excellent fundamental practices and processes that resulted in the growth of our nursing team.  Lee Ann was exactly what we needed when we needed it.  She became a part of our team instantly and made herself available to not only the health center nursing team but included our assisted living team as well.  She was a professional with priceless long term care knowledge that stood in the gap until we hired the right person as our permannent DON.  She brings more than knowledge to the table; she brings a career of experience that can only be gained through application and success.
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